Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gatecrash Spoils: Biovisionary

Looks like the spoils keep coming. Today we got ourselves a new Simic rare to look at.

Fair warning folks. This is what we call a gimmick card. Anytime Wizards of the Coast give you a card that has the words "You win the game" on it, the truth is that you don't. Most of the time, these gimmicky card require such a heavy investment in doing nothing but playing said card, that by the time you mana to trigger the card(s) ability, you will already be dead twice over.

That being said, I do like the possibilities of this card. I am trying to think how this card might work in a mana ramping/deck cycling type situation. I'm also thinking of combining this with Seance and Populate mechanics. If you can get do a token explosion of this card somehow, then you might be able to win the game. But again, at what cost to defense and offensive strategies? Who out there wants to take a stab at making this card viable for standard?


  1. With blue you have access to Clone, and Evil Twin if you splash black. The downside is that these aren't tokens for the populate mechanic to work...

    But you do also have Cackling Counterpart. The flashback on that card is expensive, but you can always run snapcaster as well...

    I would love to toy with this in a bant deck... probably not the ONLY win condition, but definitely worth including?

  2. Yeah I would go with possibly throwing a few of these in a humans re animator/Angle of gloys rise deck as a possible alt win condition, or possibly with crackling counterpart, the nice thing is that the win is at the end step so you could end step counter part and win. But yes probably just a casual card like Azorius Electors.

  3. Umm this is going to make Angel of Glory's deck crazy.


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