Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gatecrash Spoils: Alms Beast

Alms... Alms for the poor!

What a fascinating creature. A friend of mine once called Orzhov the Church of the Necromafia. With wealth a plenty, they can through around some coinage and still be on top. A 6/6 for only four mana actually makes this a very viable card to play. Worried about giving your opponent's creatures lifelink? No problem, just throw a rancor on this guy and you can still trample through some damage against those chump blockers your opponent will use. But what if he puts up a heavy blocker? Considering through Call to Serve on Alms Beast and watch this guy fly over your opponent? Your opponent has flyers? Well you are playing White and Black at this point... so... O Ring? Murder? Point being, with how cheap this guy is and his potential damage output in the earlier part of the game, I think you will find him being considered for some standard play, definitely a nice pre-release fun card to play with. 


  1. It seems like running Feeling of Dread would be profitable here...

  2. seems Wizards is putting out quite a few of these different 6/6 for 4 CMC with some potential drawback of some kind. I like it.


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