Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red vs. Blue - Election Day Special

Today America votes on the candidates that will shape the future of our great nation over the next two to four years. MTGNoob.com is here to provide you with an objective review of the candidates, what they stand for, and how their policies may impact the future of Magic the Gathering.

First up, we have our incumbent, Jace.

"We must show control and restraint during these tough economic times. We cannot give in to the wild aspirations of self-interested parties."

Over the years, Jace has been a popular candidate that has stood for control over foreign economies and tapping into our own natural resources to keep an upper edge on the rest of the world. Though his policies have generated many successes for the nation, some have found Jace's oppressive actions on foreign governments to be downright inhumane. Some people believe that if Jace is granted another four years in office that he will only polarize the nation further and turn the world against us. Still, others maintain that Jace's consistent victories in the international scene make him the only logical choice for a world that is constantly in chaos.

"Together, we can turn up the heat in Washington, and finally get this country back on track."

Running against Jace is the Red Candidate, Chandra. If elected to office, Chandra has promised an immediate doubling to the GDP and a swift burning of the national debt to restore balance to the federal books. Although Chandra's policies are questionable, she has gained popularity in the polls over the last couple of months, making her a strong contender against Blue.

Of course there are other candidates in the race. Let us take a look at the Green Party candidate.

"By tapping into our natural resources we can build a bigger, stronger America."

Garruk has built his platform off of freeing up regulations on land usage and development. His policies are directed towards bigger government and increasing the overall wealth of the nation. Though attractive, opponents argue that Garruk is only interested in promoting growth for select individuals and businesses, leaving the lesser man without much support.

"Alone, our voices are nothing. But together we can stand up to the controlling dictators of our world and take back this great nation."

Ajani is a newer candidate that has come onto the political scene recently. As an independent he claims to stand for the common man. Ajani has promised that if elected he will increase the strength of the military by three fold and direct national technology investments to advancements in the medical field.

"We must take advantage of the gifts of our predecessors to build a better country, free from the tyranny of a popular dictator."

Our last candidate is Sorin. Seen as a radical by the public, never the less, he has gained some popularity amongst independent voters. Sorin runs on a platform of tapping into oil reserves to boost our economy and granting legalization of certain intoxicating substances. It has been speculated that Sorin made his family fortune off of developing illegal bio-weapons for foreign governments, but all investigations into the matter have ended with people either disappearing or going to work for Sorin instead.

So there are the candidates folks. We will not try and tell you how to vote, but we encourage you to vote none the less. Remember, it is important that your voice is heard, now more than ever. Good night, and God bless.


  1. I would have liked to see Liliana instead of Sorin or Tibalt or Koth,and what about Jaces running mate, Tamyo? it's clever and I SEE WAT YOU DID THAR, but I want more.

  2. I'm casting my vote for Nicol Bolas.

    1. Keenan, you can't vote for someone who is already in a position of power above that of the other candidates. Nicol Bolas already controls are. You are just voting in a superficial campaign that means nothing. Like American Idol or Dancing with the stars. It is just one big popularity contest.


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